Putting the Wood in Black Friday

It’s almost here! That most wonderful time of the year when shoppers wrap up their Thanksgiving festivities and start looking forward to the amazing deals and all-around warm fuzzy goodness of Blackwood Friday.

Man, remember when Blackwood Friday wasn’t even a thing? Hard to believe now, but there was a time when people still referred to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday.”  We know! How crazy is that?? Doesn’t even make any sense, Black Friday.  Sounds silly.

Blackwood For Men's Logo Becomes a Half-a-Bee for Black Friday

Our famous B logo, transformed into Half a Bee for our 50% Off Event. If our Branding VP Cindy sees this she’ll be quoting the “wretched demi-bee” lyric from the Python song. Look away, Cindy!

But fortunately those strange, confusing times are behind us! Now everyone knows Friday 11/24 is indeed Blackwood Friday — a magical time when premium men’s grooming products can be had for next to nothing… had for barely more than a click and a song. Note: song not required. But feel free to sing away as you browse the amazing Blackwood For Men products available at 50% off. Suggestions: Back in Black by AC/DC (RIP Malcolm Young), I Get Money (back) by 50 (per) Cent, or Eric the Half-a-Bee by Monty Python (careful, once you start, you’ll be singing that one all day).

How Good Are These Prices?

Speaking of half off, important note here: the 50% discount will be applied at checkout. So don’t go around thinking the prices you see on the product page are already half off — although we wouldn’t blame you. That’s the thing about us: we make luxury quality products — at a good price. Are they cheap? Well, no. You can’t make premium men’s grooming products that are paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, ocean safe, and packed with natural botanicals that help restore and protect skin and hair as they cleanse… on the cheap. But, you can do it for less than the other guys do. You know, the brands named after the Nacho Libre guy, or the one that starts with K and ends with ‘s but is otherwise impossible to spell, or the one named after that Series of Laboratories. You can make it for, let’s say, a deeply reasonable price. Extreme reasonability. (Is that a thing? Well it will be eventually, just like Blackwood Friday) That’s what we’re aiming for, price-wise.

Get More Grooming Power for Less

Face Wash for Acne-Prone Skin, 50% Off for Black Friday

This X-Punge may look like it’s resting, but it’s actually balancing — demonstrating its perfect ratio of pore-cleansing power and skin-calming balance. Show off!

Take our X-Punge Foaming Face Wash with 10 — count ’em, 10 — botanicals.  It’s our best wash for acne-prone skin, packed with naturals like Green Tea, Licorice Root and Peach Leaf that helps extract dirt deeply but gently, while also calming redness and inflammation. And it starts at $13.99 — as opposed to $20 minimum for similar face cleansers. And remember, that’s just the retail price. For Blackwood Friday you can get it for just $7.  That’s beyond reasonably priced! In fact, what are we doing? This whole plan is madness!

But it’s too late to stop now. The wheels are turning. The Blackwood Friday calendar marking has begun. (Do you like how we keep making Blackwood Friday bold and black? Get it? Just like the sale itself. [cue mind explosion sound] Is that too deep? Or is it just deep enough… like the pore-extracting power of the Tanakura Clay in our Cooling Clay Facial Wash!? Ok, we’ll stop now. But that stuff does clear out your pores. Just sayin.)

Don’t Forget the Gift Sets

One more note: if the half-off deals on all our individual products aren’t enough, we’ve also cut the prices of our Gift Sets. They were already a good deal, featuring our Signature Dopp Travel Bags with genuine supersoft (technical term) leather that’s classy but also sturdy and waterproof. And they come with 3 products, including shampoos, conditioners, hydrators and face cleansers.

Men's Grooming Gift Set Just $50 for Black Friday

The Man On Campus Gift Set — $150 worth of luxury-level grooming items at the ground-floor price of $50 during Blackwood Friday.

But the best deal may be The Man On Campus set. It’s got the aforementioned X-Punge Face Wash and our Pure Moisture Body Wash, full of botanicals like Menthol and Aloe Vera to help revive exhausted students. Plus it comes with our thick cotton Signature Towel and our special Eye & Facial Massager.

The Massager is something that’s very popular in Asia. We’ve seen similar tools retailing for $170 and more there. You use it by rubbing the T-bar on your face as it vibrates, soothing tired facial muscles and priming skin for delivery of lotions and creams. Great for working out eye bags, circles and wrinkles.


Fei Fei knows how to make wrinkles go away way.

Chinese supermodel Fei Fei Sun recently called a similar massager her “secret weapon” for beautiful skin. So get it for a guy you know who wants to keep his face looking its best, or just give the rest of the set to him and keep the Massager for yourself. We won’t tell. Either way, you’ll be getting an amazing set for about a third of the retail price!

That’s the magic of Blackwood Friday — that special time when almost anything is possible, as long as it has to do with Black Friday, premium men’s grooming products, and/or amazing prices.  Let the celebration begin!